What There Is To Offer

CMSA tries to get the news out to students as quickly as possible. Unfortunately we cannot always get a hold of all students to let them know about the opportunities that our community has to offer our major.

Listed below are some of the scholarships given to Construction Management students. Be aware of what is out there, and be pro-active so if there is missing information go ahead and talk to one of your classmates or look the scholarship up online.
Scholarship Value Full/Part Time Student GPA Class Level Requirements Apply By
Allen & Beverly Bender Scholarship Varies Full 2.50 Sophomore, Junior, Senior 250 word essay must be presented with the application, explaining why the student has chosen the CM field current and long term goals Application available in Riverside 4024
Beavers’ Charitable Trust row 2, cell 2 Full & Part 0.00 All Levels US Citizen pursuing a career in heavy construction, a written paper outlining reasons for choosing a career in heavy construction Application available in Riverside 4024