What We All Do

Volunteer and enjoy the opportunity to raise the funds to go to Reno, but also the opportunity to get together with members of the industry. All of our events are focused on you getting to know people in the construction industry, so take advantage of it. Just think that the next time you go to an event might be the time you meet your new employer.
Event Date Time What it is About
CMSA Kick-Off BBQ Sept 14th 6:00pm We do the Welcome Back BBQ every fall. Freshmen to Seniors are welcome, and people from the industry and coaches for Reno will be there. Come and take advantage of the opportunity- and don’t forget to mingle!
Tailgate & Sac State Football Game September 15 11:30am-4:30pm Full & Part
CIEF Golf Tournament September 17 Full & Part
Sac State Alumni Shoot October 6 Full & Part
Beavers’ Charitable Trust row 2, cell 2 Full & Part